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I find it hilarious how a large portion of people on Tumblr tend to be very sensitive to people when they get offended but while doing so they put the people they are arguing against into a set box.

Like what the hell is with tumblr and their need to just throw labels out there like we’re some fucking grocery store, hot damn.

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Mass Effect Character Appreciation // Thane Krios

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Final Fantasy: E Y E S

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I wish I could say that I’m surprised by the drama and fighting that’s been going on.

But lets be honest - this is tumblr.

Everything that can be said, has already been said. For both sides of the argument.

Can we all just go back to talking about how amazing these girls all look and who we wanna see win?

*coughcough DeLa or Courtney coughcough*

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It’s totally okay to let go of the ‘You’ve Got She-Mail' thing with RPDR. There are a ton of other drag puns they can use without resorting to a term that makes the world a little shittier for transwomen every time it's said. If part of drag is being clever, they can do better. Pull an Elsa and let it friggin' go.

We don’t lose anything, we gain things! It’s a demonstration of understanding that a community pf people finds it hurtful and they kind of have enough to deal with. Whether it’s defended by some people or not, it’s petty to hold on to it. We become better people by acknowledging maybe we should move on from some language. 

I think Dela says it best around the 5:50 mark. Srsly give her a listen because I think she’s insightful.

DeLa is seriously such a sweetpea. What a great gal.

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